Terms and Conditions


  • Currency once bought or sold can be returned only with a new transaction at the prevailing market rate.
  • Please count your money before leaving the counter and obtain a receipt for your transaction.
  • Al Fuad Exchange has the right to recover any amount paid in excess to the customer due to errors and oversights.
  • Neither Al Fuad Exchange nor its employees will be held liable for any claims or shortages thereafter.


  • Transfers/Remittances are considered executed and delivered unless a claim is received within 3 months for cash payout and 6 months for bank transfer from the date the remittance was made.
  • Any amendments or re-issuance of the remittance transaction requested by the customer for whatsoever reason will be subject to our regular charges and settlement of any rate differences, if applicable.
  • Upon signing the receipt, the customer confirms and acknowledges the correctness, authenticity and legality of all the transaction details and will be held responsible for the same.
  • All types of remittances conducted by the customers are subject to local, federal and international laws as well as the Central Bank of the UAE regulations.
  • Al Fuad Exchange and its agents are indemnified and held harmless from any claims including but not limited to delays, delivery failures, mistakes and losses resulting from any wrong information in the transaction receipt as well as force majeure events or any other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Al Fuad Exchange has the right to recover any amount paid due to errors or oversight.
  • Refund against Cancellation of Drafts, Transfers or any other Remittance transaction returned unpaid for whatsoever reason will be refunded to the sender.
  • Al Fuad Exchange reserves the right to use services of intermediary banks and financial institutions in any country of its choice for the execution of this transfer. Correspondent and/or intermediary charges are applicable to some countries and will be deducted at the receiving end.
  • The transaction may be blocked by any party involved if found suspicious. The sender and beneficiary will be fully responsible for providing necessary evidence and clarification about any query, including the source of fund, to prove legitimacy and legality of the information and fund involved as well as any follow-ups required with the concerned authorities to effect the payment or claim a refund. In such cases, Al Fuad Exchange will not bear any responsibility.
  • Any transaction-related complaint should be lodged within a maximum period of Ten days from the date of the transaction.
  • Al Fuad Exchange will take all possible efforts to resolve any issues for services provided by a third party by coordinating with the concerned service provider.
  • The company has no liability as an agent for any related services. The third party will be fully liable for the completion of its service in accordance with its terms and conditions.
  • Original valid ID such as UAE National ID or Passport with a valid UAE visa must be provided while performing any remittance transaction.
  • Any complaints, queries, feedback on our services or fraud incidents can be raised through our official email address [email protected] or our call centre @ +971 4 2211117 ext 420.
  • Al Fuad Exchange will take all the necessary measures to refund the unclaimed funds as per the guidelines of the regulatory authorities.
  • Al Fuad Exchange will not disclose confidential information about the customer to any third party unless it is required to do so by any applicable law or regulation within and outside the region.
  • Al Fuad Exchange shall assume the responsibility of protecting consumers’ data and maintain the confidentiality of the data held with it or with a third party and disclose the data only to approve, facilitate, administer and process applications/transactions or to respond to the queries of the relevant law enforcing authorities inside and outside the country.
  • For further inquiries and details on terms and conditions of all Al Fuad Exchange products and services, please visit our website ( or call: +97142211117 ext 420 or email us at [email protected]

*Rate are indicative only subject to change Contact our nearest branch for latest rate.

  • 1 AED 0.99 AED
  • 1 AED 0.27 USD
  • 1 AED 0.25 EUR
  • 1 AED 0.21 GBP
  • 1 AED 0.25 CHF
  • 1 AED 0.37 CAD
  • 1 AED 0.40 AUD
  • 1 AED 41.96 JPY
  • 1 AED 0.36 SGD
  • 1 AED 2.09 HKD
  • 1 AED 15.57 PHP
  • 1 AED 9.76 THB
  • 1 AED 22.34 INR